Root Cause Analysis for Maintenance & Reliability Applications


In this four-day workshop, the participant will learn how to conduct a systematic root cause analysis (RCA) as applied to maintenance & reliability. the workshop starts with an overview of the various RCA methods such as the linear method (5Whys), fault trees, fishbone, and the barrier analysis method. Then, the focus shifts to one systematic RCA method that should lead to the same root causes regardless of who uses the method. 



  • Gain knowledge about the various RCA methods, their strengths and weaknesses, and when one is favored over the other
  • Master a systematic method of conducting root cause analysis that should lead to the same root causes regardless of who uses the method
  • Learn to devleop effective corrective actions to address the identified root causes of the problem being analyzed
  • Learn the key success factors of an RCA program 
  • Learn how ti present the findings of an RCA study and to recommend the corrective actions in a proper report and presentation formats. 
Course Outline: 
  • Introduction about what RCA is and what RCA methods exist in the literature
  • Defining RCA problems and their impacts on the business
  • Process mapping of RCA problems 
  • Data gathering and listing potential immediate causes
  • Charting the gathered issues in a fault-tree format 
  • Determining root causes
  • Developing corrective actions
  • Preparing proper RCA reports and presentations
The workshop is recommended for all plant personnel leading or participating in plant incidents and failure investigations. 
Duration: 4 days 


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