Asset Maintenance Work Process (AMWP)


AMWP (Asset Maintenance Work Process) Workshop is an integrated and comprehensive methodology to help manufacturing plants to consistenly make and execute the highest value decisions about Maintenance of Physical Assets. It is a 4 day workshop that covers the elements of the AMWP with interactive sessions, exercises, tests, role play, and real-life examples to enhance the level of knowledge, reinforce team building, improve communication, and provide better understanding of the role that each play to improve the reliability of the equipment, and help achieve the high performance goals of the organization. 

In the workshop the following areas are discussed with good level of interaction between the presenter and the participants, with real-life examples, and tests to reinforce the learning, and get the buy in of the participants on the expected benefits of the implementation of AMWP, and the adaptation of a Proactive Culture: 


  • Introduction of the journey towards the establishment of the AMWP
  • Explanations of the values that are expected to be gained from the implementation of a comprehensive, consistent, and integrated AMWP
  • Data integrity and CMMS
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Explanations of the 6 steps elements that contitute AMWP, which are as follows: 
  1. Identify & prioritize the maintenance task
  2. Planning the maintenance tasks
  3. Scheduling 
  4. Work execution
  5. Verification & work close out 
  6. Analysis & KPI's
In addition, AMWP Best Practices handouts will be distributed to the participants.
The workshop is recommended for the Maintenance Managers, Production Managers, Superintendents, Supervisors, Planners and Engineers. 
Duration: 4 days


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