Managing Shutdown Maintenance (4 Days)


The Shutdown Planning and Management Workshop is a four day workshop that will define the purpose of and types of shutdowns. The workshop will also highlight the factors effecting shutdown duration in addition to some specific shutdown and post shutdown management techniques.


  • Shutdown scope development
  • Shutdown roles and responsibilities
  • Limits of authority and decision responsibility
  • Shutdown budget development
  • Planning process milestones
  • Planning time line for projects requiring long lead time, materials or services

Course Outline:

  • Shutdown planning and management processes
  • The ‘must do’ steps for an effective shutdown
  • Roles and responsibilities that impact effective shutdowns
  • A work identification process and prioritization that maximizes business performance
  • To use a Work Breakout Structure and Critical Path to optimally schedule a shutdown
  • To develop a detailed plan for the agreed shutdown scope of work
  • A formal decision making process that enhances maintenance shutdown effectiveness
  • To use effective project scheduling tools and processes
  • To develop and implement shutdown reporting processes
The workshop is recommended for Maintenance & Production Managers, Shutdown Projects Engineers and Superintendents. 

Duration: 4 days

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