Planning & Scheduling for Effective Maintenance (4 Days)


The Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Workshop is a four day workshop that addresses all aspects of the maintenance work management process in major industrial sites. The Maintenance Planning and Scheduling workshop will provide participants with a clear understanding of the strategic role that planning and scheduling plays in today’s industrial organizations. Pre-workshop and Post-workshop exams will reinforce retention of the lessons learnt. 


  • Clarifying the roles and responsibilities related to 
  • Maintenance Planning & Schedulingelements of the work management process
  • Overcoming challenges and barriers to success
  • Using communication skills for effective maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Benefiting from operating in a planned vs. firefighting environment
  • Using planning as a strategic tool for moving from a reactive to a proactive environment
  • Aggressive identification of defects to improve reliability
  • Using the Zone Maintenance work management process
  • Assessing work prioritization
  • Planning work orders
  • Managing backlog
  • Supporting the scheduling process

Course Outline: 

  • Concepts and Elements required to achieve good planning process
  • CMMS/EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)
  • Roles and responsibilities – who is responsible for and who actually does what
  • Planning – this is the core of the four day program. Participants will be taught how to plan, how to incorporate standardization,
  • Scheduling for Zone Maintenance
  • Materials Management
  • Communications
  • Metrics/KPI
The workshop is recommended for Maintenance Planners, Schedulers, Supervisors, Superintendents and Operational Supervisors. 

Duration: 4 days 

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