Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA)-Exam


The Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) program is one of the leading credential programs for certifying the knowledge, Competency & skills in Asset Management standards based on ISO 55001.

CAMA has been developed and is offered by the World Partners in Asset Management, a partnership of non-profit professional associations including the Asset Management Council (Australia), the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (USA), Gulf Society for Maintenance & Reliability (GSMR) ABRAMAN (Brazil), IFRAMI (France) and PEMAC (Canada).

CAMA is globally recognized certification in compliance with ISO 55001, ISO 17021-5, ISO 19011. The focus is about maximizing the value of your physical assets through setting the standards and platform for Asset Management in profit and non-profit organizations such as government and semi-government agencies.


  • Better understanding of Asset Management Framework and Requirements in line with ISO 55000, ISO 55001, and ISO55002.
  • Determines the minimum requirements for the Organization’s Personnel competency and experience to develop and implement Asset Management Plans.
  • Global recognition as Asset Management professional
  • Qualify individuals to become an assessor for ISO 55001
  • Establish the framework and requirements for organizations to develop and implement Asset management Plans to:
    • Maximize the assets value.
    • Improve Asset Reliability & Compliance.
    • Ensure the best cost of ownership of the assets and maximize the asset life cycle.
    • Higher customers and stakeholder’s satisfaction.
    • Enhance Data mining and assets information.
    • Better decision Making based on entire life cycle of assets.
    • Enhance Data mining and assets information.
    • Minimize the failures and safety incidents.



Duration: Half Day
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