Business Driven Reliability


The Business Driven Reliability (BDR) Workshop is a four day workshop that will reflect on the M&R issues from a business perspective. It will provide an insight in best practices of the Maintenance Work process, and review the basic skills of the maintenance & Reliability Engineers and will provide participants with an understanding of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) techniques.


  • To develop an equipment criticality matrix for effective maintenance strategies.
  • The methods of conducting RCM to establish effective maintenance strategies.
  • A process for establishing an effective RCA Program to eliminate repeat failures.
  • A work identification process and prioritization that maximizes business performance.
  • The types of Predictive Maintenance technologies and their application.
  • Various statistical analysis techniques for reliability analysis.
  • A unique work management process for early defect detection.
  • Roles and responsibilities that impact reliability strategy effectiveness.
  • Establishment of reliability performance measures to track and guide reliability improvement.
  • The importance of aggressive work identification.

Course Outline:

  • The role of Reliability Engineers in industry
  • Basic Reliability Engineer skills and tools
  • An introduction to statistical analysis in reliability
  • Familiarization with Condition Monitoring techniques
  • Conducting RCM analysis to establish maintenance strategies
  • An Introduction to Zone Maintenance for early defect detection
  • Conducting RCA analysis to eliminate failures

The workshop will also highlight the role of Operations and Maintenance Management in establishing and managing an effective reliability program in their facilities.

Duration: 4 days