Training & Certification

In this era of digital revolution, GSMR is staying competitive by embracing new skill sets, competences and ways of thinking. Through our physical sessions, we have trained up to 1000 maintenance, reliability and asset management professionals across established companies in the GCC.

GSMR Virtual Academy, a unique digital platform launched under the GSMR umbrella, has trained more than 100 industry practitioners, while maintaining the same standards as our physical sessions.

To help you stay ahead of the curve, GSMR adapts to changes in the industry by continuously offering a new range of trainings and certifications.

GSMR Training & Certification Programs

  • Holistic Physical Asset Management & CAMA Exam

Virtual Training Calendar (Q2 To Q2) 2022

Workshop Name Sessions Workshop Facilitator
Holistic Physical Asset Management & CAMA Exam
  • Jun 12 - Jun 16
Dharmen Dhaliah, P.Eng, MBA, PMP, CAMA, PMP, CMRP